Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Tangle-Flair

I have a new Tangle to share! It's Shattuck with a Flair! I was window shopping on Amazon one day and ran across something like this. I wish I had thought to save it, but, of course, I didn't. Anyway, HERE IT IS! Enjoy!

Monday, May 30, 2016


I could probably count this tile as my #268 "A Bit O'Black tile as well as Ellish, but I won't! This is my Ellish tile (actually not a tile,  I worked it in my book) with some Molygon accents. I enjoy the layering while working Ellish, and it is actually easier on a tile when you can turn it. I'm still experimenting with how to join multiple Ellish.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Duotangle-Poke Root vs. Drupe

I am finally returning to Diva Challenges and am in a quandary... shading or color? I think I will copy it and do BOTH! So, here's the original...

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Zentangle lifestyle

Furst, let me say that in February  I posted to my other blog accidentally when I meant to post here. So, if you want to learn Sandswirl by Karry Heun check that out! Love it!

I have had lots of weirdness in my life lately. That's okay, that's what life can be, and IS. What I found though is that as life gets crazy, Zentangle brings it all back into perspective. I enjoy meditation and prayer, both very helpful practices, but Zentangle pulls me together when I feel fractured in a way that meditation can't.  I don't know exactly why, but I believe that is the addition of the senses of touch and sight, as well as action of repetitive drawing. All I really know is that it WORKS!

After a confusing day, I sat and tangled this Zendala start to finish.  It is a prestrung white tile (#8) and black micron.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Diva 250 AND 252 - Feel the Love

For some reason, my phone is not running Blogger well. I can't seem to post anything from it. I'm on my tablet and will reinstall on my phone.  I need it! Lol!

So, here we have my Back to the Old School tile #250, and my Tangle within a Tangle tile #252. I stuck with old school tangles on both of them. I'm teaching a couple of basic classes over the next couple of weeks and felt it was a good practice for that. What I found is that it was good PRACTICE. As A practice that I need to return to more often. Zentangle has opened up a whole new world of inspired art that I love, but Zentangle is a mindfulness practice when it's done in its purest form. I am so thankful for the gift that Maria and Rick have shared. And thank you Diva Laura for bringing me back!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Diva Challenge #249

I tried to post this earlier this week and failed and now I have no idea what I was going to say about this tile except that Auraknot tends to get wonky on me. I decided to do a 4 sided star and WALA!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I am working on a couple of lesson plans. One is for a February scrapbooking venue. It will be late in February, so people will likely be scrapping winter themes, but with scrapbookers, well, we work on whatever our whimsy brings. So, one idea for a quick intro to Zentangle is a journaling block. Here are a couple I made last night.  I think the frosty one needs blue and silver glitter gel pens! ☺

Other ideas, which I will work on later, include a page border (Flux comes to mind), or maybe a 3d piece using scrapbook paper and Zentangle...  I will be asking my fellow CZTs for inspiration!

The second venue is a local winery. I want to do a class series there, if possible, starting with Zentangle 101.