Monday, March 12, 2018

2018, really?

I am NOT a blogger, obviously. But I am determined to be better. I will do more Diva Challenges. I will blog my Zentangle events. And maybe even update my travel blog a bit.  Hmmmm...

I have enjoyed teaching several small group Zentangle classes this winter!  Most recently a family class in Phoenix, and a class of clergy and home schoolers... My prayer is always that everyone will take SOMETHING from the class,  a new skill,  a word of encouragement,  a new friend... And of course,  a lovely Zentangle tile!

This is last week's Diva Challenge using "Siri" by Simone Menzel. Thanks for the challenge! This tangle is more fussy than I usually like to do, but I like the way it came out!

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  1. Sorry for being late with my comment... thank you for this beautiful Siri interpretation. I love this tile!