Monday, April 27, 2015

Brand New Blog!

I guess this is my way of formally recognizing that Zentangle is a big part of me! I still have my vamyers.blogspot for travel and home but this is where I will share Zentangle and other things crafty.

My story is still being written. I believe that to always be true of everyone. Using Zentangle as a form of meditation and expression can help that story become rich and full. Zentangle can be a journal, of a sort. At least, it is for me.  As you begin your practice, you may have a completely different story. Let's begin writing it together!


  1. Hi there
    Tell me about this panel of tiles. Did you draw each one? It looks like you've used three patterns: Fife, flux, and something spirally. It is just fascinating to look at. I love the unity and diversity represented here. Also, using tan tiles, and the touches of elegant burgundy with the tan and brown, plus the white highlights. Very pretty!

    1. These tiles are from the CZT seminar. Aren't they awesome? The spiral is Marasu!

  2. I see you have a pic of a bunch of tiles from the class?? Congrats on your CZT and welcome to the blog-o-sphere!

  3. The something spiraly is Marasu! Thanks! It's a mosaic from CZT training!