Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diva Challenge #218

Black tile. Ugh. I was kinda like "I don't think I'll do this" but I read a couple of other posts and got great suggestions. Use a tangle you love.  Less is more.  I usually love Ricks Flux  but did Marias. And just a little tipple. That's about it! Oh, I do love using my
Zenstone! And, even though you can't see it on the photo, a little glittery gel pen. :-) Glitter makes it all good!


  1. Very nice tile. The white pens do push us to keep it simple don't they?

  2. White pens are so tricky! This and your next tiles are both lovely!

  3. I like your idea to use a tangle you love! That makes all the difference in how much you enjoy something.