Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I am working on a couple of lesson plans. One is for a February scrapbooking venue. It will be late in February, so people will likely be scrapping winter themes, but with scrapbookers, well, we work on whatever our whimsy brings. So, one idea for a quick intro to Zentangle is a journaling block. Here are a couple I made last night.  I think the frosty one needs blue and silver glitter gel pens! ☺

Other ideas, which I will work on later, include a page border (Flux comes to mind), or maybe a 3d piece using scrapbook paper and Zentangle...  I will be asking my fellow CZTs for inspiration!

The second venue is a local winery. I want to do a class series there, if possible, starting with Zentangle 101.

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